Thanks to the Royal Vision, Morocco has become a key player in the global aeronautics industry.
  • What conclusions could be drawn from 20 years of aeronautics industry in Morocco?
  • How did Morocco become a global aeronautical platform?
  • What is the outlook for the Moroccan aeronautics industry in the face of the current industry challenges ?

The "Aeronautics industry meeting " will be an opportunity to take of stock the economic and social importance of aeronautics industry in Morocco, record the progress made by the Kingdom's in this field and evaluate short, mid and long term development prospects for the sector.

With the presence of Mr. Moulay Hafid ELALAMY, Minister of Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy, as well as major players in the aeronautical industry in Morocco with testimonials from industry leaders fron all around the world.


MOULAY HAFID ELALAMY - Minister of Industry, Trade, green and digital Economy